Nostalgia - EP
Album information
Artists: NobleStarr
Recorded: 2016-2017
Genre: Pop
Length: ~ 21Minutes
Singles from Nostalgia - EP
  1. "Despondent"
  2. "To Love"
Nostalgia EP is NobleStarr's the first studio extended player album. The EP will be released in the summer of 2017. The album contain five original songs, including, Despondent, To Love and Another Me.

Track listing Edit

Nostagic EP — extended player

No. Title Writer(s) Vocal Length
1. "Despondent" NobleStarr NobleStarr · Dan Trilk 4:55
2. "Time" NobleStarr · Haley Martinez NobleStarr ~4:19
3. "Run Boy Run" NobleStarr NobleStarr ~3:20
4. "Another Me" NobleStarr NobleStarr 3:20
5. "To Love" NobleStarr NobleStarr 2:57
6. "Be The Best" NobleStarr NobleStarr ~3:00

References Edit

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