Despondent singer, NobleStarr is a singer-songwriter raised in the United States. He began his music career in 2015, When he released his debut songs “Another Me” about an alien invaded earth looking for love, on YouTube.  He recorded and released "To Love," as his debut single in the summer of 2016. The song, which portrays NobleStarr’s love for someone who will not love him back. He will love them until they learn to love him. A month later he released "Despondent," as his second single, which bears that anxiety or the feeling of depression should not take over you. NobleStarr released his first video to Vevo in early December 2017, the video has over eleven thousand views on YouTube.

In 2017, NobleStarr released a music video for his “Despondent” which stars Jessica Adkins and Julia Adkins. The video was shot by Anne Wetzel. NobleStarr released a promotional parody of “Despondent” by the name “Seniors”. Seniors is about how he missed his friends he may be losing. The song features a shout out to “To Love”. In June of 2016, NobleStarr released a remix version of “Another Me” and a newly recorded version of “Another Me” featuring Talen Birchmier. The two new releases and “Another Me” featuring Jonathan Edgeton  was released in late June of 2017

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